Interested in bamboo? Bamboo Rescue is a landscaping service dedicated to bamboo.


Outstanding Oregon Bamboo Nursery's

Bamboo Valley Albany OR. a bamboo nursery, Specializing in service and giant specimens
King Farm Bamboo Oregon City OR. a bamboo nursery, big specimens and other perennials, metal working too.
Bamboo Garden North Plains OR. "THE" bamboo nursery, has biggest inventory and display garden
Shweeash Bamboo Astoria OR. a bamboo nursery, specializing in bamboo
Oregon Bamboo Nursery Portland OR. a bamboo nursery, specializing in clumpers
Connor Bamboo Portland OR. a bamboo nursery, specializing in rare species
Bamboo Craftsman Portland OR. a woodworking studio, bamboo supply, nursery

Friends Oregon Business's

Portland Bamboo Company A friends bamboo construction business
OutsideUp A friends outdoor construction business
Walnutcity Wineworks my uncle's wine biz
Jason Ball Interiors A friends interior design business
David Bertman Designs Furniture Wood/Metal Design Etc.

Favorite Oregon Plant Nursery's

Xera Plants A nursery specializing in drought tolerance plants
Joy Creek Nursery Scappoose OR. huge display gardens
Dancing Oaks Nursery North of Corvallis OR. Breathtaking display gardens