Interested in bamboo? Bamboo Rescue is a landscaping service dedicated to bamboo.


Planter Retailers

Bob Hyland Garden Designs 1114 SE Clay St. Portland, OR 97214
"THE" Bamboo Garden 18900 NW Collins Rd. North Plains, OR 97133

Outstanding Oregon Bamboo Nursery's

Bamboo Garden North Plains OR. "THE" bamboo nursery, has biggest inventory and display garden
Bamboo Valley Albany OR. a bamboo nursery, Specializing in service and giant specimens
Shweeash Bamboo Astoria OR. a bamboo nursery, specializing in bamboo
Connor Bamboo Portland OR. a bamboo nursery, specializing in rare species
Bamboo Craftsman Portland OR. a woodworking studio, bamboo supply, nursery

Friends Oregon Business's

David Bertman Designs Furniture Wood/Metal Design Etc.
OutsideUp A friends outdoor construction business
Walnutcity Wineworks my uncle's wine biz

Favorite Oregon Plant Nursery's

Xera Plants A nursery specializing in drought tolerance plants
Dancing Oaks Nursery North of Corvallis OR. Breathtaking display gardens