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Bamboo Planters

I build planters, big planters that I have developed specifically for growing bamboo in. The shape and design are simple. The rectangular dimensions lend themself to decks, patio's, driveway's and pretty much anywhere a privacy hedge is needed. The tapered design allows for the easy removal of the bamboo from the planter, when maintenance is needed. It allows for the release of a potentially congested root mass of bamboo out of the planter. Other planter designs make it near impossible to remove the bamboo for maintenance (especially the metal ones). This maintenance is mandatory for bamboo. Bamboo will outgrow any planter usually within about 5-8 years depending on the species. Bamboo is a grass it like's to spread, and since it is a plant, it doesn't stop growing. The only way to tame this growth is to divide the plant. (best when done in fall or late winter or early spring) If you cannot get the bamboo out of the planter, it will become root bound eventually and wither away without maintenance. These planter's prevent this problem of not being able to root prune the bamboo. For more information on this maintenance please refer to Bamboo Maintenance. These are products with long term sustainability in mind.



The "standard" a 5 foot long planter. planter size is 5 foot in length 2 feet tall by 2 feet wide. planter size is 5 foot in length 2 feet tall by 1&1/2 feet wide. However in some situations a 4 foot long or a 6 foot long can work better. The 4 foot is especially good for shipping, since it can fit on a palette. The 6 foot is nice to fill big spaces, without having to get two planters. The actual real dimensions of the standard (5x2x2) is 60"long x24"wide x22"tall with 2" thick brick feet, equally 24" total height, when installed. With all that said all kinds of differnet sizes of custom planters have been constructed.


  • Most planters are built with a combination of Western Red Cedar and Japanese Cedar "Sugi" Cedar is rot resitant. Cedar is light. Our cedar planter by itself is about 80-100 pounds.
  • Reclaimed cedar can be used. However the material is rarely available in sufficient quantity.
  • As far as lifespan and durability goes, there is not much difference between the different types of wood. This is due to the fact that the interior is lined, stopping any water from getting the wood wet on the inside. On the outside the bricks hold the planter off the ground stopping water from wicking up from the ground. Pressure treated wood is used on the inside, so that doe's not degrade either. The only time the wood get's wet is in the worst parts of the winter from rain splashing off the ground on the base of the planters, which doesn't affect it due to the oil stain.
  • Coatings

  • Current choices are -Natural, Dark Brown, and Black
  • Natural, Bitterwood, Ebony (from Penofin, Verde website) However any color can be chosen for a extra charge, some clients have purchased uncoated and have the planter color matched to there house or fence. The natural is more of a amber toned clear, as for the Ebony it is as dark as you can get. With that said it really is important NOT to have a black planter located in a sunny exposed spot in the afternoon sun. Unless you plan on irrigating it a ton, it would absorb lots of sun and get hot and dry out the bamboo quickly.
  • The planters are coated with an outdoor wood oil product called Penofin Verde (very low voc content).
  • Link to Penofin Verde products


    cedar wood, oil coated 2'x2'x4'$480
    cedar wood, oil coated 2'x2'x5'$495 ("The Standard")
    cedar wood, oil coated 2'x2'x6'$550 (Not recommended for shipping)

    Delivery and Installation

    Local delivery is usually a flat $150 fee. Delivery's can be made to anywhere in the greater Portland metro area. -this includes transport, and help moving into clients prospective installed area. You can also arrange to pick up the planter or planter's in person if you wish at the Bamboo Garden.


    Preorder or request more information by contacting me.

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